Windhoek, capital city of Namibia

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Namibia is a wide country with few inhabitants. There’re just around 2 million people in the country out of which around 200,000 live in the capital city.

The history of Namibia is very colourful – it was a German colony until 1915 when South Africa conquered the territory. Around 1904, Germans killed 80% of the Herero native’s population and around 50% of the Nama population. This was the first genocide of the XXth century.

Windhoek is a relatively wide city, a city of contrasts – in the city center, I felt like in any other European city during a hot summer day. A lot of shops, malls, glass buildings, a huge Hilton hotel. But the moment you get to the suburbs, especially in the one names Katutura, the reality changes – some sort of metal sheets shags, I can’t even imagine how hot it gets inside during the day!

However, it seems that the government is building schools, shops, streets and houses to develop the area. Maybe in a few years’ time, all the houses will look like the Hilton Hotel in the city center.

What’s cool about Windhoek is that the population is very mixed – skin of all colours, Europeans who were born and raised here, a mix that works well, without conflicts. Totally different feeling than in Tanzania! Considering the population, I might as well pretend that I’m from Namibia. 🙂

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