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The world is a beautiful place that is worth exploring. And life is a wonderful thing that is worth enjoying. So…just leave and live!

Who am I?

This has always been a difficult question for me. Is it the sum of my experiences that define myself as a person? Is it the set of values and believes? Is it the habits and customs? Is it the place I was born? Is it my stubbornness? Is it the “gute Laune Flummi” (good mood bouncy ball) face I like to put on all the time for entertaining other people?

Gute Laune Flummi on empty Namibian roads

It’s not easy to decide, although I’ve been thinking about it a lot especially since I’ve started this blog. People perceive me in so many different ways. Since I still didn’t get to a conclusion regarding who I am, I thought I could at least share who I’m not in this article about the struggles of a wanna-be blogger.

What’s my story?

I studied econometrics (mathematical models applied to economics) mainly because the only thing I was good at in high-school was Maths and computer science. After graduating my master’s course in UK, I was lucky and got a good job in risk management in Berlin, Germany, but after a while I got bored and disappointed, I couldn’t see the meaning of the spreadsheets and the power-point presentations anymore. So I quit the job without having a plan. I ended up volunteering as an English teacher in a remote place in China for one year, then went on to learn Chinese for another year while teaching part-time to cover for expenses. I went back to Europe after two years (from China to Romania by land). I wanted to see my niece and needed a new passport. Now I’m traveling around Southern Africa and I’ve decided that I want to become a digital nomad when I grow up.

In case you are in the mood to read more, the long version of my story is here. It explains the shift from Germany to China to Africa and gives more context into the way my perspectives and priorities changed during this time. It is all, of course, very subjective and I don’t claim to be a logical person when it comes to decision making. I should, maybe, do more introspection, but often my mind seems too tangled.

What’s the deal with this blog?

There are five main reasons for which I’ve decided to start this blog:

  1. be in touch with friends and family – I’ve deleted my facebook account a few years back, so this is the only place people can see what I’m up to (although I’ve recently joined twitter, instagram and pinterest in a struggle to become a real blogger)
  2. share the things I learn on the way and my general subjective impressions
  3. just write because it relaxes me
  4. learn and share how a blog can be monetized
  5. document my life and thoughts for myself, it’s interesting when I go back and realize how much I’ve changed over time
My offline blog

What are the main topics that I cover?

This is still a confused blog. It doesn’t have a very well defined topic, I tend to write whatever passes my mind. So far it’s mostly been:

Do you get now why I was writing earlier that this is a confused blog? Maybe I spread into too many directions, but it’s difficult to choose. I’m hoping that in time the focus of the blog will end up defining itself as I continue writing. I’m still new to this.

Nothing can stop a wanna-be blogger, not even a closed library and too much sun for using a laptop outside!

How is this blog useful to you?

This is up to you to decide. This blog might, actually, be completely useless to you, it might just be part of that annoying procrastination habit of yours, the one you realize it’s happening, but can’t really stop it. It appears most during exam periods and busy schedules. So this blog might only contribute to wasting your time. If that’s the case, I deeply apologize and urge you to close this page.

However, this is what I believe I can offer you through this blog. You can decide for yourself if what I can offer matches any of your needs.

  • provide practical advice for visiting (or living in) the places I’ve passed by
  • share good resources for finding jobs, volunteering positions and organizations abroad
  • give an honest and personal over-view about the ups and downs of trying to get an income while on the road
  • share some pictures from the places I pass
  • share things I happen to learn on the way
  • answer any specific questions you might have

In any case, thank you very much for stopping by! It would be great to hear what you think about my little blog. Any feedback/criticism/idea/advice is more than welcome since I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m just trying things out.

 I hope you’ll come visit again. 🙂

Meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful day, full of inspiration and laughter!

Smiling cow living off the fat of the Olkhon island land (the only island of Baikal lake, Russia)