Virtual nomad love – the female version

When they’re around 30 years old, normal people are preoccupied with buying flats, furniture, trolley(ies) for the baby(ies), a car, exotic honeymoons and other similar things – most of them on credits for 30 years, to be on the same scale with the age.

But the world is full of nutcases. Homeless people who choose to live for years out of a backpack, who move around from town to town, from country to country, from continent to continent. Instead of staying still and accumulating like normal people, they prefer to get rid of stuff to make their backpack lighter. Their definition of success is this:

There’s nothing you can do about it…you can’t save them. It’s just the way they are. They like flying over the cuckoo’s nest. You might as well try to understand them.

Two of these nutcases are Irina and Timo. They’re both from Transylvania.

Irina heard about Timo from another crazy Transylvanian. Apparently this guy wants to go around the world hitchhiking, he’s even been on TV and he’s a big star on facebook. How could Irina have any clue about any of these? She had no TV in China and she wasn’t on facebook either. Not even youtube works in China. She barely managed to check her e-mail every now and then. A few times, her family almost reported her missing.

Now, since November last year, Irina is “homelessing” around Africa. She’s in Botswana at the moment. Since the internet is going sooo well when it’s working, she decided she wants to become a blogger when she grows up. As far as writing goes, every year she’s anyway finishing at least one notebook with thoughts, ideas, events and whatever else goes through her mind. She could let other people read at least a part of all of those.

Hence, after Christmas, she thought of asking smarter people advice about blogging. She wrote to more people, but only Timo passed a reply, the others just passed her up. True, it took Timo about two months to write back, but Irina knows it’s not easy to be homeless, so she was very happy when in February she got a looooong e-mail full of ideas from Timo.

Since then, Irina and Timo are writing to each other long e-mails, they give each other advice, ideas, they help each other with all sort of stuff. Irina helped Timo install his mailchimp and google analytics, Timo convinced her to rejoin facebook. He wrote her: ”Come on, just imagine going back to Facebook like you’re being schizophrenic. Anyway, no matter if you join or not, you still won’t be satisfied.” And after Irina trashed her principles and got back to Facebook, Timo edited her profile picture. And that’s nice.

After one of Irina’s e-mails in which she wrote “the hell with love”, Timo replied that now he doesn’t want to be lucky in love, but rather lucky to get rid of it. After that, Irina avoids this subject, she doesn’t want to be responsible for broken hearts.

A few weeks ago, Timo was going through a phase. He was saying he doesn’t see the things like before, that what he feels makes no sense, has no beauty, so why should he continue writing on the blog? Irina pondered a few days and she finally replied with an even longer e-mail than usual – almost a novel, clearly a short story. She thinks that it’s normal for perspectives to change, especially after all the experiences Timo went through in the past few years.

Besides, Irina is convinced that what Timo is going through at the moment has beauty precisely due to its uniqueness – it’s not easy to go back to a place that’s supposed to be ”home” after years of being homeless. And if, on top of that, you’re a nutcase, things become even more complicated. And this makes the story beautiful through its realism and honesty. Irina would definitely want to read about Timo’s changes of perspective.

Whatever comes, one thing is clear for Irina: even if the only good thing that comes out of her blogging experience is her new virtual friendship with Timo, it’s still worth it.

Like Timo says in his article about virtual nomad love, don’t burst the bubble of homeless people because they are homelessing happily.

【Extra explanation: Irina is still working on convincing Timo to write also in English on his blog since more people might be interested in his experiences, but Timo writes mostly in ”Transylvanian” at this point. This article is Irina’s reply to Timo’s post about ”intergalactic nomads”. He started it like this:

” The world goes on, while nomads are trying to keep up. They have evil plans. They want to steal loads of employees from multinationals, transforming them into nomads such that they can decentralize the system and create nomad work places for everyone. Don’t burst their bubble; let them dream on, it’s obvious that they have the soul of a suckling. You’ve known them for a long time now, you might as well just accept them the way they are.”】

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  1. ou Wow. another great article…do you know of the facebook group: nomad soulmates? Your friend got an awesome blog..convince him to write in English. i would love to read it.

    1. Monika, I thought you are my nomad soulmate! :)) I didn’t know about the Facebook group. It sounds cool, thank you for the suggestion, I’ll check it out. Yeah, I’m working on convincing Timo to start an English section.

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