Victoria Waterfalls

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Victoria Waterfalls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It’s at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The closest city to it in Zambia is Livingstone, whereas the closest city to it in Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls. Many hostels organize free transport from Livingstone to the Falls, but to come back you’d have to get a cab. We paid 60 Kuacha (around $6), so if you share the cab with 2/3 other people it’s less than $2.

The most impressive views are, apparently, during the rainy season (that’s in April – July). But in case you have a higher budget and want to do rafting on Zambezi (maybe around $150), the low water season (August – December) would be a better choice. You can also swim at the edge of the waterfall (Devil’s pool) for about $80 dollars in the low water season. Another cool thing that we didn’t know is that the park is open at night when there’s full moon and you can see a lunar rainbow during those days. So if you organize your trip around a full moon, you get a bonus.

Just enjoy the view, even if the waterfall has no water…don’t fall!

There’s a high debate regarding which side is better…for us it was just easier to get into Zambia: Romanians don’t need a visa to get to Zambia, but we do need a visa to get to Zimbabwe. Most other Europeans need a visa for both Zambia and Zimbabwe, but they can just get a visa on arrival when entering the country as long as they pay $30 for a single entry visa. Romanians and Bulgarians, however, have to plan ahead for a Zimbabwean visa and apply online. Since we were lazy, we only went to the Zambian side. The park entry fee in Zambia as of November 2016 was $20.

Leaving aside the bureaucracy, the Zimbabwean side owns 75% of the waterfall, while Zambia only has 25%. Another positive aspect about Zimbabwe is that the falls never dry, which is not the case for the Zambian side. There are two positive aspects about the Zambian side, though: you can only get to Livingstone Island and Devil’s Pool from the Zambian side.

You can do bungee jumping from the bridge, should you want to.

The border is literally in the middle of Zambezi river. There’s a bridge across it to get from Zambia to Zimbabwe, and the border is in the middle of the bridge. From that bridge, some people do bungee jumping and there’s also a zip line. The border control is actually before the bridge, on the Zambian side, but they allow tourists to go on the bridge even if they don’t have a visa for Zimbabwe. You can see the „Welcome to Zimbabwe” sign and step on Zimbabwean soil even without a visa, how cool is that?

Apart from that, you should know that there’re loads of mosquitoes in Livingstone! From all the places I’ve been so far in Africa (Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia), Livingstone was the place with the most mosquitoes.

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