Uncertainties. Unplanned plans. Visas.Taking things as they come. Messiness.

It’s an interesting feeling not to know where you’ll be in a week’s time. Even if you might want to plan ahead, many things don’t really depend on you. So you wait for updates and decide your next destination and your next move spontaneously based on the information you have at hand at a given time. What am I actually talking about? Visas and my messy life.

“So you’ve decided to stay one year in Namibia?” is the question I get from many of my friends. I sometimes wish I could answer with a simple and clear yes or no, but instead I start explaining that I’m taking things as they come. That is to say I have no idea nor much control of what will happen.

Visas complicate the life of any wanna-be digital nomad. For sure they complicate my life! My current visa will expire on the 18th of March, but bennamibia.org is looking into getting a one year volunteer visa for me. It might or it might not work. I might or I might not have to leave Namibia during the application process. I might or I might not have to go to Windhoek. Many still unanswered questions, although the 18th is in a week’s time. So I haven’t really decided anything…even if I do decide on something, my decision might not matter in the end. Isn’t it better, then, to just take things as they are?

I’m currently in the north of Namibia, on a road trip to visit some of the bike shops opened by Bicycles for Humanity. Right now I’m not very far from the border with Botswana and Zambia. I could go visit my new friend in Gaborone (former couchsurfing host with whom I’m still in touch because we’ve clicked very fast), I could also go visit an old friend in Lusaka (Raluca, also Romanian, she works in Lusaka), or I could explore more the north of Botswana or east of Zambia or get a visa for Zimbabwe…there’re always options, just the status is “pending”.

And while the status is “pending”, I’m enjoying the road trip (literally and figuratively).

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