The struggles of a wanna-be blogger (season 1, pilot episode): social media.

Most people who met me at least once know a few things about me. They usually know that I’ve deleted my facebook account a few years back (and I don’t miss it at all), that I like writing and receiving long e-mails, that I love sending and receiving postcards, that my Skype sessions are rare and only involve my family, close friends or interviews, that I’m not a fan of social media in general (I never used twitter, instagram, pinterest, shapchat, I only keep a LinkedIn profile that I check once every two months), that for a long time I refused to use a smartphone and even when I started using one (September 2015), I never used data, that I don’t like using chat apps (whatsapp, wechat, QQ and other similar applications), I prefer calling or sending text messages, that I often keep my phone on silent and it can happen that I only look at it every few hours.

Meet Dino – my only phone until September 2015

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet and technology in general! I think internet is a wonderful tool due to which people get a lot of inspiration. And I always get very enthusiastic when I read about scientific discoveries. The access to information, the shared knowledge, the ease with which one can connect to people from the other side of the world can only contribute to the development of human kind.

But it’s soooo easy to get distracted when you’re online! So many things out there that one would need millions of years to read it all. A smartphone with data on it, with all the chat and social media apps installed is such a big temptation that I cannot resist. A virtual life comes with colourful pictures, with smiling faces, with cute babies…you don’t see the cloudy days, the frowning or angry looks, the smelly pooh and continuous crying of the babies.

The virtual world is a safe place to distress after a shitty day at work, or during the coffee breaks, or during lunch time when conversation with your friends fails, or while you’re commuting since there’s nothing else much to do anyway, or while you’re sitting on the toilet, or while you’re eating breakfast by yourself, or while waiting for an annoying friend like myself who’s always late, or while a movie is playing on the background. It’s (still) practically impossible to “finish” the internet.

The only problem is…it can get a little bit addictive, to the point that you don’t even notice who’s sitting next to you on the bus, or the beautiful sunset that’s going on (hopefully not while you’re reading this) , or the good book next to you in the coffee shop, or a friend waving to you from across the street.

Now, this crazy 2017 objective of mine (becoming a digital nomad) comes with social media presence. This blog of mine is unknown to the world wide web, my family only checks it if I’m out of touch for days. Only Leny checks it regularly (thank you, Leny! Yangzhou is very high in my google statistics, by the way!). That’s because no one (except for Leny) opens a browser and writes the address of a blog. Everyone clicks the links they see on social media, we read what our friends share.

People use twitter for checking the news, instagram to share photos, pinterest to remember good ideas, facebook to keep in touch with friends (this is what I’ve learned this week). It’s now one month in my “blogging career” and I’ve decided it’s time to figure out how twitter, instagram and pinterest work. I only ever heard about pinterest a few weeks ago! And why can’t you just use a laptop to update your freaking instagram wall or what’s it called?

My sister and my friends are making fun of me and they’re all amazed that all of a sudden I’m so connected. I’m also amazed by the amount of time I’ve spent online during the past 4 or 5 days. So much time on my laptop, often being completely antisocial, sometimes even ignoring people playing dominos next to me or chatting about their life or drinking beer (apart for the Friday the 13th evening when I completely forgot about my phone, e-mails, the blog, google statistics and other such stuff). The truth is, I have no idea what I’m doing and how long my enthusiasm will keep. Nor am I willing to give up such a big fraction of my offline life on a regular basis. I’m hoping that once my learning curve gets flatter, I can get more efficient. For now, I just have to give it a try and see what happens.

So…you can now follow me on my fresh and clean twitter, instagram and/or pinterest profiles. I even managed to add buttons to the blog that can get you there (took me a few hours)! Any feedback and/or advice would be extremely appreciated!

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