The struggles of a wanna-be blogger (season 1, episode 4): Pinterest

Ever since I’ve opened the blog, I’m in a continuous quest to learn more about this industry. I’m reading ebooks, researching how other people do it, try to find online courses…I’m often over-whelmed with information. But I got enthusiastic a few days ago when I came across a free online course on how to use Pinterest properly.

I’ve opened a Pinterest account at some point in January because it was mentioned in most of the articles I read about blogging. Apparently it’s better than Facebook, it has potential to bring much more readers to the blog. And back in January I was still determined not to go back to Facebook (things change sometimes…I hope you already “Like” my facebook page!).

Anyway, I’ve opened the Pinterest account in January, I put a “follow me on Pinterest” button on the blog, but actually I rarely used it: I didn’t figure it out very well and postponed looking into it. So now it was the chance!

I started following the course, I took a few notes, I got jealous on the internet speed of the trainer – everything was loading so fast on her screen – and felt like I’m improving and learning something. Pinterest works with boards. The boards can be secret (only you can see them) or they can be public. You choose a topic for every board and then you pin stuff to your boards. The pins are websites/photos/ideas that you find online. The point is to share smart, cool, interesting ideas with the people who are following you. Or to remind yourself later about those things in case you put them on a secret board.

A piece of advice in this training course: create a secret “review board” to make sure that what you post is in line with your brand and it’s a quality article, even if it takes more time. Honest advice…but this honest advice made me realize:

Holy crap! We don’t live in my idealistic world in which people pin stuff and share links because they actually think they’re valuable articles worth reading.

We live in a world of spammers where all that matters are numbers. About 25 pins per day is the ideal number, they say. Twenty freaking five???? Per day???? I thought that five was already a lot… I mean, I would never send five links per day to my friends and if any of them would do that to me I’d most probably tell them the friendliest “fuck off” that I can say.

When I get a link from my friend I open it because I know my friends well enough to expect high quality content, no matter if it’s a serious article or some joke/funny stuff. Twenty freaking five pins per day???? Even if I had the brain of a super computer able to read a whole article in one minute, 25 pins is still a huge number. Say I spend 3 hours just browsing, that would mean I could read a total of 180 articles. Choosing the best 25, means sharing 13.8% of what I read. That’s still a high percentage of the total number of articles. It’s still not just the best of the best. The best of the best should be maximum 5%. And how much good quality articles are out there anyway? Are there really enough for me to be able to share 25 of them per day for a week? Or maybe it’s also about repining…sharing and re-sharing the same stuff…

This reminds me a bit of the Transylvanian going to university in Bucharest myth: As Transylvanians, we say that our elbows are not pointy enough to make room for ourselves among everyone else. This doesn’t give us too many chances: since everyone else has pointy elbows, we will always be left behind. The Pinterest story seems to be a similar situation: the only way to go is to follow everyone else’s strategy and just be pushy, spam, pin and repin and repin and repin until someone notices your okish pins…all that stuff that you didn’t have time to read properly, if at all.

But seriously now…what happened to only sharing things that matter, things that have a meaning and that actually inspire you? Where are those articles that you read and think to yourself “wow! I’m sure my friends will enjoy reading this and I’m very curious to know what they think about it”? What happened to quality, not quantity? I guess it’s all buried somewhere deep down in all that crap and spam out there…it must be somewhere under many layers of twenty freaking five pins per day.

Huh…damn marketing…feeling hopeless…

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