The struggles of a wanna-be blogger (season 1, episode 3): To facebook or not to facebook, that is the question!

I’ve deleted my facebook account a few years back having a few good reasons for it. At least that’s what I thought back then and I still think now.

These are just some of them:

  1. I was wasting too much time with useless things.
  2. I was bombed with commercials all the time.
  3. My virtual life was slowly taking over my offline life.
  4. It started to be a bit of an addiction.
  5. I realized that the aggregate number of mutual likes were a bad indicator for how in touch I was with my friends.
  6. I wanted to feel special: I wanted my friends to share their life with me because I actually mattered to them, not because I happened to be one of the hundreds of people in their facebook list.
  7. I didn’t want to spam the hundreds of people that happened to be in my facebook list with updates of my life – maybe they actually didn’t care about it at all.
  8. I had to dig for a long time for the pages and groups I was actually interested to read.
  9. I hated the one-two hours I had to spend every year thanking everyone who got a reminder from facebook about my birthday (that was supposed to be hidden in the first place) and decided to take 3 seconds to write a dry “Happy birthday” on my wall to which I felt obliged to reply.
  10. I’m slow, I like to take my time replying to people, so I prefer long e-mails to short quick messages.
  11. It felt (and it still feels) that not having facebook enables a more “quality, not quantity” interaction with friends.
Saying a friendly goodbye to facebook 🙂

But now, after having opened this blog, my friends say I’m just being judgmental and stubborn related to my view of facebook. They say I’m again, like most times in my life, choosing the complicated path, instead of making things easier for myself (yes, this is a trait of my personality, even if I get annoyed when people point that out) – having facebook definitely helps a lot to spread the word about my posts. Some friends question my “values” and “principles” that make me want to stay away from facebook. They have a counter-argument for everything I say.

Even my new friend, google analytics, joins this debate uninvited every now and then: whenever a friend decides to share one of my posts on their facebook profile, my readers increase sometimes even 10 times. I can’t even deny that it all comes from facebook, since there’s a referrer field in the statistics that tells me exactly how many people got to my blog from facebook.

So…to facebook or not to facebook…? I keep pondering over it, slowly giving in to the idea with every day that passes.

I managed to leave once, would I manage the second time?

Truth be told, I don’t miss facebook at all and I really enjoy my non-facebook world. So why should I change the status quo if I’m happy with it? Huh…decisions, decisions…

Any thoughts and/or advice?

2 thoughts on “The struggles of a wanna-be blogger (season 1, episode 3): To facebook or not to facebook, that is the question!”

  1. Să dai vina pe Facebook, pentru incapacitatea ta de a îți manageria emoții its just stupid. Intre timp este buton de unfollow, poți să ai omul la friends, ca sa fie treaba eleganta, dar sa nu vrei sa vezi ce posteaza. Mai apoi doar tu esti responsabila pentru ce fel de persoane ai in lista. Si ca sa gasesti acele persoane ce merita urmarite, poate lua ceva timp.
    Mai mult, Facebookului și doar Facebookului tre sa ii multumesti ca acum poti sa o arzi zen pe Instagram. Pentru ca doar in baza experientelor cu Facebook, ai stiut sa iti alegi pe Instagram mai bine ce sa urmaresti si sa ai o experienta mai confortabila.
    Facebook a inceput ca o retea de socializare intre cei cunoscuti, nu e de vina Facebook pentru cunoscutii ce te enervau. Intre timp, doamne smultan, mai sunt si alte retele: Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    E vorba despre a te adapta si a iti alege pe facebook bine, ceea ce urmaresti. E vorba despre a gasi un balans echilibrat si frumos, nu despre o decizie extremista: facebook, or not facebook. Grow up girl :)))))) :*

    1. Hahaha! Îmi asum critica, Timo dragă. Growing up is not easy, you know! :))) În plus, am tendința de-a fi în extreme de felul meu. Poate-ncerc o moderație de data asta, prea m-ai luat la rost.Mulțam! >:D<

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