Spitzkoppe, Namib desert – day trip adventure

Meet Monika, a wonderful and smart young lady who dreams big and has a lot to say about the world.

We went on a day trip adventure to Spitzkoppe together back in January. It was a fun day, with goats and hitchhiking, with a bit of walking (the 28 km was just an exaggeration, though). We met cool people and enjoyed really wonderful scenery.

We climbed as far as we could. We even tried to sneak in the National Park without paying the fee, but we failed – turns out the rocks are too steep.

Spitzkoppe is one of the few granite peaks in Namibia. It is placed in Namib desert, between the coast (Walvis Bay/Swakopmund) and Usakos. It’s relatively easy to get there hitchhiking on a one day trip from Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. But like most times in Namibia, you might have to pay the driver.

If you want to explore the park, you should spend at least two days there. The entry fee is N$50 and you’d have to pay for camping as well. Not having a vehicle can make things a bit more complicated, but not impossible.

Monika’s idea of a good life is to jump, because the universe will catch you. In fact, that is her actual blog: JumpTheUniverseWillCatchYou.com.

We spent New Year’s together and became friend very fast. She is the first blogger buddy I have.

2 thoughts on “Spitzkoppe, Namib desert – day trip adventure”

  1. Aw…beautiful post….I think we should go back and explore spitzkoppe more….or maybe we should hike the fish river canyon…Girl you have advanced with blogging..looking forward to learning more from you next weekend… Keep blogging..

    1. I’m also looking forward to learning more from you. 😀 Yeah! Fish River Canyon! Hopefully I’ll get my Namibian visa soon, then we can start planning. Loads of huuugs!

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