Searching actor friend

Do actors cry easily when faced with real-life situations? Is it empathy that makes it so easy for them to express feelings that are not their own, but belong to their characters? Are they extremely emphatic in their day-to-day life? Do they contribute more to charities by comparison to people with other professions? Or are they liars, pretenders, fakers? I am searching actor friend who can answer these questions for me honestly.

It is still amazing to me how they can cry, scream, laugh on stage like they mean it. It seems like it really is their own life displayed, their own drama. Are they able to control better their own feelings because they have to reproduce so many other feelings that are not their own? Are they more OR less sensitive to their own drama since they’ve lived it all on stage already?

I don’t have (yet) any actor in my circle of friends, but I wish I knew closer a (good) actor! Until I do, I can only admire them for a distance. It makes me happy when I can witness a show like “Noi 4” (“Us 4”) by Lia Bugnar which brings even closer the character and the actor. It makes you wonder who’s drama is the one displayed.

As a follow up, I’ve read a few interviews with Lia Bugnar. It’s very smart and simply beautiful her way of seeing things.

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