They say lions don‘t think…

Don’t know what to say, but to me it seemed that both lions were pondering intensively.

One seemed to postpone waking up. It was 6.30/7 am. He looked as if he was trying hard to snooze his biological clock. I think his coffee was not ready at that time. His sleeping place was for sure too warm and cozy.

I barely managed to man up and put the window down to take a picture of him. I was whispering, not to wake him up, not to interrupt his thoughts. I was concerned that the sound of the camera will disturb him.

I don’t know if it was from the camera or from the car’s engine, but he opened his eyes and I could swear he was staring at me. My defense mechanism jumped in: ”Holy crap, if he jumps now, he’s gonna be directly at my throat!”, I thought to myself. I instinctively put my hand on the button that closes the window, to be ready, just in case.

We’ve met the other lion on the way home after a full day. I think he was very romantic. He seemed very relaxed while admiring the sunset. A red sky like I haven’t seen in a while. A part of me wanted to get out of the car, go hug him and cuddle next to him, the other part of me was again with the hand on the button that puts the window up, paying attention to his every move.

He initially ignored us. As if he didn’t even notice the sound of the engine, as if he was in deep meditation, far away from this world. I think all he wanted was some privacy.

Eventually, he slowly turned around to see who were his guests, just for a short moment, then he continued to admire the sky’s daily miracle.

Two other cars full of tourists showed up behind us. Open cars, without windows, the ones typical for safaris. We moved in front of the lion. Flashes started to blink from all directions, flashlights appeared to make him more visible. I froze. I thought: ”What the Frankenstein are they doing? He’s gonna jump at them, slaughter everyone in the open cars.”

But still all he wanted was some privacy to admire the sunset in peace.

I could only admire him and wonder what was going on in his mind. I was mesmerized. What could he be thinking about with all the cars around, the flashes and the torches during that quiet evening with wonderful sunset? They say lions don’t think…but I’m certain that what he was thinking about was along the lines: ”God damn tourists…they wouldn’t even let me enjoy this lovely sunset in peace…”.

One thing is clear: I would have wet my pants if I were in one of the open cars without a window.

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