On the road without a plan

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It’s not always easy to be on the road without a plan…it’s not always easy to explain to people that you have no idea yet what your next destination will be or even how many days you’ll be around a given place…it’s not always easy to leave a place without having an idea where you’ll be sleeping that night, especially when you’re on a budget and the maximum you’re willing to spend for accommodation is $15/night. It’s for sure not always easy to watch your bank account getting lighter and lighter. And people ask you all the time: “When will you go back to your country?”. So you can only smile and say that you don’t know, that you’ll see how things go, that you’re also looking for opportunities around while travelling, that you’re also learning about how you could get an income online, that you still have some savings and you’re not spending much – using couchsurfing as much as possible and sometimes camping, not eating out, just buy supermarket food, use the cheapest means of transportation from city to city.

Monika discovering Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Back-up plans if all fails?

  1. Fly back to Europe and find any kind of job there – in the end, if the final purpose is getting some money for daily expenses, a job is a job, I can clean houses, work in a bar/hostel, doesn’t matter much.
  2. Fly back to China and teach English full time – I loved my time in China and although working full-time as an English teacher can maybe be stressful and I definitely won’t have the freedom I had during the past year (I was only teaching English part-time while having fun learning Chinese), it’s a good way to save money. One year would be enough to get back on track with my finances, it might even give me enough time to set up something online.
empty Namibian road…not the best setup for hitchhiking!

I don’t really like the idea of going back, I usually go further (this habit gets very annoying when I get lost,  my friends have learnt their lesson not to trust me with directions after a few explorations together). Both of my back up plans would mean going back…in the end, both China and Europe are a big part of my life (Europe more than China, so my preferred option if all fails is, to the desperation of my family, China). But I’m optimistic right now that I won’t have to resume to any of my back-up plans and that things will sort out somehow while being on the road with no plan.

So, if it’s not easy, why do I choose this lifestyle? Mostly because I love the freedom, I love that I can be flexible and spontaneous, I love the diversity of my days, I love to discover new places, I love to have time for things I enjoy doing and I think that life is more than a series of “have to dos”. Do I regret any of my past decisions? No. Do I regret having chosen this life style? For sure not!

If you have any advice/idea/encouragement words/a story to share/critics, I’d be more than happy to hear them! 🙂

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