This page is intended to be a collection of useful websites while on the road. If you know of others that I haven’t included, please let me know and I can put them up. I’ve put them in categories and included a small description.


  • couchsurfing – the biggest platform for finding a local willing to host you a couple of days for free.
  • bewelcome  – the same concept like couchsurfing, but it runs as a nonprofit organisation. It was founded by former couchsurfers who were annoyed when couchsurfing transformed into a for-profit company. Smaller than couchsurfing, but it’s quality, not quantity!
  • trustroots – also the same concept, but it has a fancy map which makes it easier to find locals or other travelers in the same place where you are.
  • warmshowers – mostly intended for cycle-tourists around the world. I’ve never used it myself, but I know people who had good experience.
  • airbnb – this is not free, but it’s usually cheaper and nicer than staying in hotels.


  • hitchwiki – a great resource for hitchhikers! People share good spots, personal experience, you can search by city/ country/ direction you’re going.
  • blablacar – maybe the biggest carpooling website. It’s not free, but more flexible and cheaper than buses. It’s available especially in Europe, but they’re expending all the time.
  • carpoolworld – actually, I just found this one while googling never heard about it before, but it seems cool, they have a map!
  • seat61 – if you’re like me and love to hop on a train, this website is for you! Great database of trains you can take all over the world. Many travelers contribute with updated information, it’s just a great resource.
  • skyscanner – if you really have to fly, you probably know already that this is a place to find good deals. It works like a search engine, it checks loads of websites and gives you the best price.
  • momondo – same concept like skyscanner. I can’t decide which one is better, I usually check both.
  • secretflying – if you’re flexible and open to random travel destinations, have a look every now and then here. They have all sorts of offers, sometimes it’s last minute, other times you’d have enough time to ask your boss for holiday. There are many inter-continental flights, but also some good deals for shorter flights.


  • workaway – I always advertise it to travelers. You help people with some work, they provide you with free accommodation and food. It’s a very wide variety of work and hosts are based all across the world. You need to pay a two year subscription fee (around $25 dollars) to be able to contact the hosts. It’s here I found my volunteer position in China.
  • helpx – same concept like workaway and it’s free. Maybe a bit less reliable? I don’t know, I’ve never used it myself and don’t know anyone personally who has, but there are many stories online (some good, some bad).
  • woof – this is mostly about organic farming. They also require a registration fee. I’ve never used it myself, but I know people who had good experience with it.


  • – these guys have both volunteer and paid positions. They also have a cool database of organisations around the world, so you can also just search by country and shoot e-mails to the ones that sound interesting to you, maybe you get lucky even if they don’t have an opening.
  • LinkedIn – I actually don’t use it a lot, although I do have a profile, but it’s also a good resource for finding jobs in other places

Online work

  • fiverr – I’ve just recently found out about this website, I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems cool, so I’m planning to give it a try. It’s freelancing for small jobs (marketing, translation, editing, music, programming etc. etc.)
  • – they have a careers page where you can find jobs all over the world. You can also find “global” jobs, which means it’s based online. This would mostly be translations or editing.
  • nomadjobs – this is a big database of websites where you can get location independent jobs. It’s also a new discovery, I didn’t get to check it out properly yet.

My inspiration for 2017 objective

  • GoatsOnTheRoad – they have a great ebook on how to setup your blog. If you buy your domain through their website, you get a big discount AND the ebook for free. Beginning of December 2016, it all started with them for me.
  • onestep4ward – he’s mentioned in goatsontheroad’s ebook. I checked out his website and he also has an ebook! He takes the story to another level by explaining all the ways available to monetize a blog (blogging for dummies like me). He distributes it for free.
  • digitalnomadgirls – I’ve recently found out about this website from one of my couchsurfing hosts in Namibia. It’s huge and has a lot of useful information! Don’t worry if you’re male, it’s not Amazon Lily like a good male friend of mine joked when I’ve sent him the link. The resource page they put together is really amazing, no matter if you’re a girl or a boy. 🙂

That’s pretty much all I know so far…feel free to share other resources or personal experiences while using these websites in the comment section!