New Year’s Eve: two girls, one bike, one big desert and the ocean

Monika decided to host me for a few days in her cozy room in Walvis Bay, Namibia. I met her in town and headed towards her place to leave my luggage. 31st of December…what should we do? Why not ride a bike to the beach? There should be a road by the coast, shouldn’t it? As we found out, there isn’t. It’s just the highway…but the highway is too busy and too boring. So why not push the bike for a bit? After all, it’s just 15km and thanks to the wonderful ocean view, it’s worth it!

Happily pushing the bike through the desert! Yuhuuuu!

We walked for about 3 or 4 hours, biked back for another 1 or 2 hours (on the boring highway) and got back around 9pm, crazy tired, sweaty and full of sand. But who got to enjoy the desert? Who got to enjoy the coast? Who got to see the sunset from the bike? It was a wonderful day, perfect way to say goodbye to 2016, even if we said goodbye one or two hours before (by 10.30pm we both felt asleep). No need for crazy parties, fireworks, fancy dinners and other such things. A bike, a new cool friend, one big desert and the ocean make the perfect companions for New Year’s Eve!

The pretty (and) looooonnng beach

So in case you get to Walvis Bay, make sure to take a long stroll by the coast, in the direction of Swakopmund. It’s very quiet (apart from the birds and the waves), the views are cool and in case it gets very hot, you can just jump in the ocean.

Meanwhile, I wish you an inspiring 2017, full of inspiration!

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