Just say “no” if you want to be the winner

My host in Windhoek had a full house: two other couchsurfers and some friends were over. People were cooking, chatting and enjoying big 750ml Windhoek draught beers. It was what I would normally consider a nice atmosphere, a crowd with whom I would have normally enjoyed to spend my Friday evening. But I headed out, jokingly telling them that I was going on a hot date. The advice I got from my 30-something years old male host was “Just say “no” if you want to be the winner!”.

I headed out of the flat laughing and thinking about the game. What would the rules of the game be? What was the maximum number of players allowed? What was the purpose of the game? Would I be the looser if I’m the one asking a question that gets answered with “no”? What type of questions could one ask? How many questions could one ask? How many answers should be “no” so that you’re considered a winner? And finally, what would I actually win if I won and what would I actually lose if I lost? So many questions I didn’t get to ask!

Anyway, I arrived back around 2.30 a.m. (later than I expected). It was a very fun Friday evening, good conversation, good laugh, good dancing (aka jumping around for me). I was very careful, though, I didn’t ask too many questions, but I answered quite a few questions with no. “Do you want another drink?”, “Are you tired?”, “Am I making you feel uncomfortable?”, “Am I too close?”, “Am I hitting on you too much?”, “Would you mind if I kissed you?”. I said “no” at least 6 times, so I guess I must be the winner of this game even if I still don’t know what the rules are, I don’t even know what the game is. But hey, Friday the 13th is a lucky day, after all! So I’ve decided to officially declare Friday the 13th my birthday party.