Italians are not like French people…

…who are not like Spanish people who are not like Catalans. That’s pretty much how things are in Europe. All Germans drink beer, all French people are romantic, all Italians are gay, all Romanians are thieves. Everywhere you look it’s full of stereotypes! Unity in diversity as (still existing) European Union would say. After all, Europe is a continent, what the hell? Everyone knows this!
Most people also know that Africa’s a continent, not a country. Yet, we tar everyone with the same brush. Everywhere is dangerous. Everyone is Muslim. Everyone lives in tribes with very strict habits. Just that…it’s not at all like that. Two countries are enough to realize that there’s a lot of diversity in Africa. I’ve only been to three neighbouring countries so far (Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana) and the differences in culture, personality, living standards, expectations from other people seem obvious to me now. There’s also a lot of diversity within each country.
So…Namibians are not like Tanzanians, who are not like Zambians, who are not like Masaaii. This is the same revelation I had in China more than two years ago.

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