From hot sun to frozen snow

Lately I’ve mostly been to places with good weather and strong sun. It’s actually a very nice feeling to cool down by swimming in a lake or in the ocean or by taking a cold shower. It’s uplifting to see the sky always blue.

I’m now back to my homeland during winter time. Gosh, it’s cold! It’s as if I don’t know how to handle cold weather anymore. As if I have to learn everything all over again.

And to take everything to the extremes as I usually do, I’ve decided to subscribe to a competition in Norway that involves going on a 300 km trip on snow on a sledge with dogs. This should re-educate me and remind me how to keep warm in cold weather.

I received the link from Kathy, my good friend from the States. She said I simply have to apply, that it’s for me. I started reading about it and I got enthusiastic. It sounds so good! Amazing! Sledge! Dogs! Snow! 300 km! She knew very well what she was sending to me.

I started to make a video, to choose some pictures, to answer some questions and…ready to go!

Ready to go…kind of…apparently people are chosen based on the number of votes they receive. Damn it. I was never fond of popularity contests.

I never took part to any competition that involved people voting for me. And now I’m spamming everyone to give me a tiny little vote. 😀 How things change! My principles went down the drain.

How the hack did some of the applicants manage to get 20,000 votes???!!! For the 1,000 I have now, I feel like I’ve already asked everyone: friends, friends of friends, former high school classmates, former work colleagues, former hosts through couchsurfing, former guests through couchsurfing, former colleagues in the NGOs I was part of, relatives, people from my hometown, former teachers, former university colleagues, scouts…I’m even surprised that it’s 1,000 all in all!

True…I’m not an expert with Facebook and the voting takes place through the platform…for more than 3 years I’ve really enjoyed my Facebookless life and I spoke very badly about this platform whenever given the chance: manipulation, brainwashing, profit-oriented, ignoring privacy, too many commercials, too much time lost.

I went back to Facebook to tell people about my blog and to find free accommodation in Maun, Botswana, by becoming a house-sitter.

Now, I’m witnessing first hand the power of Facebook. My friends who don’t have a Facebook profile can’t even vote, the hack with this popularity contest.

Either way, the competition in itself from Norway seems like a wonderful experience to me. Anyone can apply and it takes place every year. It is, for sure, a way to get over our self-imposed mental and physical limits, many times without realizing that we set limits for ourselves. And, there is still the possibility of being chosen by the jury, even if you don’t win the popularity contest.

There are many impressive applications, many people with much better videos than mine, with deeper answers than mine, with more experience in a lot of domains.

Even just applying, being there, among all these applicants who wish to take part to such a competition, it’s something.

Obviously, I’ll tell you too: if it happens that you want to give me a tiny vote, here’s the link. It only takes a few seconds. You have to login to Facebook. Of course that, should you wish to, you can also tell your friends! 😀

Meanwhile, enjoy the frozen snow or the hot sun, depending on where you are in the world. Enjoy life, the way it is, with good things and bad things.

Hugs and kisses!

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