There’s no smoke without a fire, but sometimes the smoke thunders

Livingstone is a funny place. It’s probably the most touristic town in Zambia. That is mostly thanks to Victoria Waterfalls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

I passed Livingstone first time back in November last year with Luci and Adi. We were here for maybe around 3 days and got to see just the fall in the waterfall – we arrived at the end of the dry season. On the Zambian side, there was no water falling in the waterfall.

So, apart from the funny times with the bamboos, the visit to the falls was rather boring. Yeah, we could see the huge rocks, the dimension of the entire thing was impressive, but no need for a raincoat and no rainbow. Oh, well…next time, we thought.

Why renaming things that already have a name?

My next time has come two weeks ago. I’ve just recently found out that the actual name of Victoria Waterfall is Mosi-oa-Tunya which in the local language means “The smoke that thunders”.

But, of course, like many times before, when this guy called Livingstone arrived in this area, he thought that the huge waterfall has no name (why didn’t anyone tell him? I wonder if he even bothered asking). So I guess he took it upon himself to find a fitting name for this amazing thing – the name of the British queen. Hmmm…

The original name of the waterfall makes much more sense in my mind. Because of the mist, the waterfall looks like smoke from a distance. But it thunders, it’s very loud. So, “The smoke that thunders”. And it really does! You have to shout to be heard. And it rains!

Is it pouring just over my head?

It really does rain – fake heavy rain that makes the raincoat a really useful object. Wet object. It feels a bit like in cartoons, when a cloud appears over someone’s head and it starts raining “locally”. I almost killed my phone trying to take pictures. Luckily, Nokia has more lives than a cat and after an over-night rice spa, it started to work again (apart from the camera 🙁 ).

Copyright to Dintle, thank you.

Even so, the perfect double rainbow circle is only photographed in my mind. Unfortunately or fortunately? You’ll have to make the trip to see the beautiful rainbow yourself.

I was told before: walking in the fake rain is a cool feeling that’s very difficult to describe. It’s true. I can’t really describe it. The entire time I was enthusiastic.

And, although I’m used to discovering places by myself, I have to admit that it was fun to have someone with whom to share the enthusiasm this time. I might have not even noticed the perfect rainbow circle if I were by myself, as I sometimes walk with my head in the clouds.

So…yeah…super touristic place, but great fun. Seeing the Zimbabwean side is still on my list. I’m not sure yet when, but it will eventually happen. It will have to be coupled with a few weeks trip around Zimbabwe.

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